Why We Need To Stop Love Locks

Love locks are pollution and hanging a love lock is akin to offering your love a bouquet of dead thorns. Millions of locks are used annually in the foolish pursuit of the public display of the self-serving glorification of vows. Millions of keys are thrown in to waterways. Locks made of metals like brass and steel require minerals from the earth to be mined and extracted. Locks made of plastic require hydro-carbons and chemicals to create molds and coating. Packaging is thrown away, locks leach toxins into waters that congest the organs of amphibians and aquatic creatures. Inks and shaving fall into the streets and are lifted into particulate that is breathed in by city dwellers. Is this romantic? If so then perhaps cigarettes are also romantic as the phlegm-ridden smokers cough and horrible pain of lung cancer are a integral part of said romance.

When people place their love locks they are desecrating our heritage just as enemy soldiers would loot pillage and rape when they ransacked countries. Why are so many using tribute and love to justify their environmental terrorism? Rampant pollution and denial of responsibility is what the bottom line is and conformists herd together in blatant attacks on the fragile beauty of the worlds.

We need to stop using love locks for many reasons:

1 – Love locks waste are a of natural resources. Locks require an array of products to be mined from the earth as components in their manufacturing.

2 – Love locks contribute pollution. Ceremoniously tossing keys into waterways is akin to throwing cigarette butts into an aquarium. Deliberately contributing to the leeching of metals into the planet’s water table is hardly romantic. Wrappers and packaging for the hundreds of thousands of love locks being bought blindly by consumers in a vortex of trend litter streets and clog landfills.

3 – Love locks are an eyesore. Does a bridge over a river look better when it is covered in locks upon locks because everyone is telling you it looks good and somehow romantic that so many people are proclaiming their love in this way? Not everyone feels the ramshackle rusting metal and plastic locks covering public spaces hung as a testament to their love is something that makes their surroundings more appealing. Similar to graffiti, love locks show the prevalence of lack of respect and consideration for people to be allowed to live without others forcing their views upon them by visually disturbing an area for a selfish titillation.

4 – Love locks demonstrate the herd mentality. Conformity is not romantic yet hundreds of thousands have gladly fallen into step with the herd and follow the actions and rituals in a self gratifying insult to freedom and individuality. How disheartening to see that it is so easy to manifest a herd of consumers who believe in false love and worship of a self indulgent display that has no meaning or reason.
5 – Love locks have a curse. Wikipedia and websites selling fantasy lockets perpetuate a fairy tale history and meaning of love locks. The truth is that for over 300 years a forgotten and little-known curse has existed which has brought sadness and death to people who have used love locks. One of the men who invented a series of locks in the late 1700’s, Joseph Bramah, was himself involved in The Curse of The Love Lock.

6 – Love locks are a sign of conformity. Conformists want to like the same thing, listen to the same thing, read the same thing and congregate on the same social media websites like Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Conformists express their vanity by believing that what they are doing is somehow different and symbolic but there are thousands of posers all over social media who post pictures of themselves by the love locks proving that it is another example of self repression and conformity that people readily embrace.

7 – Love locks are manifestation of  Group-Think. The group masses together in a common activity and thus each individual can deny any sense of person responsibility for their actions. Just as when sports fans riot in the streets, or demonstrators riot in the streets, there is a total lack of creativity of thought when individuals transform into sheeple without concern for what is good for the neighborhood, the town, the bridge, the visitors, the planet. Following an unthinking course and affixing a lock with millions of other locks is the purest example of mass hysteria that reflects genocides, violent swarming and other tsunamis of human disregard.

8 – Love locks create higher taxes. No-one likes to pay taxes but in most cases when structures are damaged it is the taxpayers who foot the bill for the cost of repair and cleanup. Volunteer members of the Love Lock Project cut and remove locks with help from donations and profits from our virtual love lock garden and from the payments made by people who are donating to us to repent for the locks they have hung in the past.

9 – Love locks are meaningless. Artificial ceremonies of love between people using a lock as symbol is a flawed ideology; locks are used to enslave people, to held them against their will, to keep secrets hidden and to keep people out. Locking yourself to someone using the symbol of a lock is a pop-culture fueled fantasy drama that exploits adolescent weaknesses that lead to false hopes and unrealistic expectations. Locks rust and are cut and removed unceremoniously and damaged by other locks and the vast collections of locks becomes a graveyard, a mass grave of childish horror. The locks eventually are destroyed or removed and thrown away and crushed into nothing in a mass grave. There is your cherished promise, clinging together like a needy scared baby with all the other needy empty spirits who need to feel assured and re-assured that they are loved.

10 – Locks are for prisons and slaves. The most selfish and cruel thing someone can do is lock someone up forever. During the moment of performing your love lock ceremony you feel the chemical release of endorphin that cause your heart to swell and spirit to tremble but this is a hollow and temporary sham caused by naiveté and shallowness of spirit. Would you lock yourself to someone who will eventually harm you? Would you want to be locked to someone who was drowning and was taking you down with them? If you are locked to someone and have thrown away the key how do you escape if they become violent or cheat on you or lie to you?

10 – Love locks don’t have a guarantee. The hundreds of thousand of love locks that litter the world are a testament to the myth of love. Do you think that all these locks represent actual eternal unions of love? Over 50% of love locks are placed by couples who are not together after 1 year, and after 5 years the number is over 90% of couples who no longer are together yet who have a limp pathetic rusting garbage symbol hanging like a badge of shame on a public rail. People ridicule the locks and the quantum energy of the ridicule and scorn is channeled back to the people who hung the lock. This is part of the curse of the love lock as well as the proof that the entire sad procedure is merely futility.

The love lock phenomenon is part of the “look at me” philosophy created in a social media world where people follow trends to get likes and go viral through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The whole love lock trend is nothing more than a pathetic gang mentality, or is it a sheep mentality, that makes people want to do something because they saw someone else do it.

Attaching a love lock shows no real imagination. In fact there is an entire industry of business and websites selling love locks and cute pendants that thrive off of the ignorant consumer who falls for anything that is popular at the moment. Being a slave to marketers and trendy social media funnels is hardly original.

Attaching a love lock is a symbol of a world where people do things without thinking, impulsively following what others do to feel a belonging within a group. The history of the love lock has been romanticized for commercial viability and has nothing to do with an urban legends about romantic tales of Serbian lovers who were broken hearted during World War 1, the love lock has everything to do with merely proving that people can be susceptible to the point of blindness and influenced to perform rituals merely in an attempt to have a viral substance with generation hashtag.

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