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There are several ways to become involved with The Love Lock Project™  and leave an honorable tribute to someone you love without falling for the love lock racket. One way to help is to get active in the field and buy a love lock cutter and get cutting as an honorary member of The Love Lock Project™. You can also help us by supporting The Love Lock Project™ with your donation to help reverse the damage and stop the spread of the horrid mess.

With all donations we place names and a note of tribute or a legacy message and a photograph in our virtual love lock garden. The funds allocated to dispersal by The Love Lock Project are distributed accordingly:

25% to food programs and agencies helping hungry children.
25% to animal rescue and agencies protection of animals.
25% to reforestation programs and agencies protecting the environment.
25% to medicine programs and agencies helping prevent disease.


Instead of hanging an anonymous piece of love lock rubbish alongside other pieces of love lock rubbish why not use the time and money for good instead of investing in a vacuous drama that only causes a momentary self-glorification. The world is in a sad state and wasting resources and money on such trifles is a shame. Help the children and the animals and the sick and help the planet heal.


Donate to The Love Lock Project


Once your donation is complete you will be able to enter the details of your virtual love lock and upload your photo and stories.

Buy a virtual love lock to have your vows and the story of your love forever kept in The Love Lock Project™ archives. Offset the damage you did to the environment if you have attached a lock somewhere by donating funds to The Love Lock Project™ to be used for reforestation and the planting of perennials and donations to local farmers to support sustainable growth. Become an ambassador of The Love Lock Project™ and share your stories of removing locks or share videos of your anti love lock actions. Help educate people to the sheer stupidity of following the love lock trend. Organize your local leaders to create programs that encourage recycling and waste reduction. Love locks and the industry behind them use our precious natural and emotional resources for profit at the detriment to the planet and to our very souls.

Some Statistics On Love Locks

– 2.6 million love locks are attached per year globally
– $15,000,000 per year are spent buying love locks and love lock paraphernalia globally
125,000 kgs of metal per year are used to make love locks
– 80,000 kgs of plastics per year are used to make love locks
– 850,000 barrels of crude oil annually are required in the processing and manufacturing, shipping and packaging of love locks
– It will 12,000 trees 10 full years to remove the atmospheric pollution caused by love locks in one year
– $8,000,000 per year cost to repair damage and to remove love locks
– 27,000 kilograms per year of metal and plastic keys are thrown into rivers

More Love Lock Statistics

Another way to help is to become active and help your local community rid your surroundings of the vile, filthy, representations of pitiful waste and ignorance known as a heart lock and buy a love lock cutter and chop off a few locks as you travel.

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