About The Love Lock Project™

The Love Lock Project™ believes fundamentally that love is the most powerful positive force in the universe and we don’t discount the proclamations that lovers make to each other. We believe that symbolic gestures are important. We also believe that we should all be people of independent thought and unique vision and the trend of attaching love locks to bridges, fences and on public structures is more of an antithesis to the true sentiments of love.

The Love Lock Project™ wants to create the largest global virtual love lock collection and allow lovers to leave testaments and promises for their enduring love to be shared with others instead of just adding clutter and garbage to a world already teetering under the weight of consumerism and vanity.

The Love Lock Project™ is a place for you to add your own personal message and virtual love lock story to our collection to be shared forever. By sharing your stories you will inspire others. Instead of being lost in the crowd of meaningless locks that rust and are removed and destroyed keep your eternal love alive and become one of the responsible people who value The Love Lock Project™

Our mandate is to empower people to proclaim their love symbolically in a way that treasures the Earth and honors the bonds that love creates. The Love Lock Project™ believes that the rampant commercialism behind the selling of locks and social media viral glorification of the love lock phenomenon makes a mockery out of the true spirit of love.

If you love someone you don’t hang a lock on a fence and throw away the key yet that’s what millions of people are doing. Blindly following a trend that pollutes the environment, visually disturbs the natural simplicity of an area, causes un-necessary production of products that use resources and create harmful emissions for processing metals and plastics into locks.

The Love Lock Project™ also wants to stop something which no-one perpetuating the phenomenon of love locks wants to talk about and that is the Curse of The Love Lock.

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